The Charcoal Master


The ultimate charcoal mix

Get all of our charcoal in this charcoal mix

A braai master always has enough, never get caught short! Imagine having the ultimate charcoal mix delivered to your door.

Your order includes 8 Bags of our Ignite premium charcoal range & 2 packs of firelighters (as pictured), straight from the factory to your home or office!

Ignites passion and pride is added to every single piece of charcoal to make sure your braai is perfect every time!


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Product Description


The charcoal Master

For the charcoal lover!

Get all of our charcoal in the charcoal mix

If you love your charcoal, we have everything in this mix!

What you’ll get in your delivery :

2 x Bags of our 3+ 1 mix (Lumpwood and instant light Charcoal)

3 x Bags 4kg Namibian Hardwood

3 x Bags 3kg Instant light.

2 x Bags of Firelighters

The ultimate charcoal experience!


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