Chocolate Fondant Potjie Pudding

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There is a medical reason why you should eat chocolate; the scent of the chocolate increases theta brain waves, which induces relaxation. We all know how vitally important it is to destress and relax, and this is why you and your loved ones should try out the baked chocolate potjie.

WHAT YOU NEED (feeds 8)

•  1 egg
•  3 tots butter (melted)
•  ½ cup milk
•  ½ tot vanilla essence
•  1 cup self-raising flour
•  1 tot cocoa powder
•  pinch of salt
•  ½ cup sugar
•  2 small slabs dark chocolate (80 g each, broken into blocks)


•  1½ cups brown sugar
•  2 tots cocoa powder
•  1½ cups boiling water

•  Fresh cream or ice cream

•  Make the batter, part 1: In your no.10 flat-bottomed baking potjie, whisk the egg and then use your wooden spoon and mix the butter, milk and vanilla with the whisked egg.
•  Make the batter, part 2: Now mix the flour, cocoa, salt, sugar and chopped chocolate pieces into the wet mixture of step 1. Just use the sugar and cocoa specified as ingredients for the batter, not the sugar and cocoa for the sauce, which only comes in the next step. Everything needs to be mixed properly so use a wooden spoon and put in some effort. If you’re unfit get one of your friends or family members to help you, or buy yourself a cordless stick blender.
•  Make the sauce: Stir the sugar, cocoa powder and boiling water together until all the sugar has dissolved and the mixture is smooth. Slowly pour this hot cocoa-sugar-water mixture over the dough mixture that is already in the pot.
•  Bake: Put the lid on the potjie and bake for 25 minutes by placing coals under the pot and a lot of coals on the lid of the pot. Your work of art is ready when the top is firm to the touch.
•  Serve with fresh cream or ice cream.

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