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Most of us just pick up a bag on a Friday or Saturday and throw some meat on the braai. We produce 100% natural and sustainable charcoal & briquettes, which is export grade. Our goal is to provide you with the best, and if we don’t live up to our reputation, we’d like to hear from you!

Charcoal is the perfect and a reliable way to braai. Most people don’t reach for charcoal, as the belief out there is that it burns too quickly, and is hard to regulate. The knowledge to have about charcoal is that it burns longer when lighting from the top, ie it burns down not up. You can get very high temperatures when using charcoal correctly with a long burn time.

Perfect for : Steak and chops – but a true braai master can do all cuts on charcoal

Types of charcoal vary from restaurant grade (larger chunky charcoal) to regular charcoal. At IGNITE we provide both in the form of our Namibian Hardwood, Instant Light, Lump wood and a mix of both in our 3+1 bag.

Briquettes are made with the ‘fines’ of charcoal, which are pressed together with the help of a binding agent. At IGNITE we only use 100% natural and sustainable ingredients. Briquettes can be used when you need a constant heat such as roasting in a kettle braai with your thicker cuts, or when you like to have a more constant heat throughout.

Perfect for : All cuts of meat

They can also be used in very small amounts and retain heat longer than charcoal does. You’ll need to make sure the briquettes have turned white before throwing the meat on the braai!

IGNITE make 100% natural briquettes and are in our 4KG bag.

Last but definitely not least is having a braai on wood. It’s always awesome to watch the flames of our sustainable Hardwood, which then burns into coals ready to throw the meat on. It’s a bit more challenging knowing when the coals are done, and the hardwoods can take a bit longer (but who doesn’t have time around a braai!)

Perfect for : Steak and chops – but a true braai master can do all cuts on charcoal

IGNITE have a perfect wood mix of Hardwoods for purchase.


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