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We grow our own timber and manufacture our briquettes and charcoal to our high levels. In order for you to have a successful braai, it’s imperitave that you are satisfied with the quality of IGNITE briquettes. That is why we are asking you to be our final quality controller. We are asking you, our customer to measure 3 important ingredients to any braai. Namely : FULL BRIQUETTES, BURN TIME and the HEAT that IGNITE briquettes emit.

We use all natural ingredients in our process, and ensure each and every briquette is dried to IGNITE standards. We use a secret mix of the highest quality charcoal fines. We do this to ensure not only is your fire easy to light, but more importantly emits a constant heat with a long burn time. We test every single batch for quality, and our machinery ensures every bag weighs in at 4kg.

How to Enter?

If you would like to ENTER the Quality Competition – Please whatsapp us on the number above with a picture of you and your Ignite Briquettes, along with the answer to the 3 questions below.

Full Briquettes?

We are asking you how full were your briquettes in your bag of Ignite. We strive for you to have a braai with briquettes that are solid and intact from top to bottom.

Burn Time?

A briquette should be giving you enough heat to roast a chicken or larger piece of meat.

How was the Heat?

Was the heat emitted constant? How would you rate the heat?

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